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Any member in good standing who has paid their dues in full is eligible for Krewe Royalty. The King and Queen will be chosen by the Krewe of Assisi Board and will be announced at the Royalty Reveal Party in the Fall.

In addition to the King and Queen, there will be (4) Dukes and (4) Maids selected to the Royal Court each year. Dukes and Maids will be chosen by random selection of interested parties. Membership to the Royal Court costs $350 per person (King/Queen) or $250 per person (Duke/Maid) and must be paid in advance of the random selection date. All Royalty Court fees are non-refundable regardless of selection.

All Royal Court members are responsible for their own costume fees. Costumes must be approved by the costume committee and adhere to the theme of the ball for that year. Costumes are estimated to cost approximately $1,000.00-1,500.00. Additionally, all royalty will be responsible for their own throws and favors at the ball.

2024 Royal Court

2023 Royal Court

2022 Royal Court

2020 Inaugural Royal Court

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